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I'd like to donate a bunch of stuff I don't use anymore. What can I give you?

Well thank you! We do currently need quite a lot of equipment. Please check out Equipment to see if your items would be unneeded duplicates. The amount of space we have is limited, so we have to be efficient about what we take in.

  • We don't want any CRTs, tube TVs and tube computer monitors. These take up a lot of space and aren't useful in our modern flat screen world.
  • We have tons of old computer hardware, so we don't need any of that. Modern computer hardware would be appreciated though.
  • If you have broken electronics you want to donate, it'd help us greatly if you strip out useful components first (i.e. stepper motors, power supplies, things like that).
  • We appreciate any and all donations, but please try to be thoughtful of about what is useful. We want to avoid using Prishtina Hackerspace for electronic waste storage!