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Projects/Biomodd +BIOMODD [PRN<sup>7</sup>]  +
Projects/DIY Book Scanner +Skeneri i librave bonevet  +
Projects/HACCSY +HACCSY – Hackerspace Access Control and Check in System  +
Projects/HackerKissParty +HackerKissParty  +
Projects/Hackerbar +HackerBar  +
Projects/Installfest +GNU/Linux Installfest  +
Projects/MP CNC +Mostly Printed CNC Machine  +
Projects/Machine Shop +Machine Shop  +
Projects/NLP +Natural Language Processing  +
Projects/Operation Kardo +Operation "Experimental Brewery"  +
Projects/Portable Pizza Oven +Kesulkuqja 347  +
Projects/Përzirësi 1.0 +Përzirësi Magnetik  +
Projects/SFK14 +Software Freedom Kosova 2014 Conference  +
Projects/Surface Water Quality Visualization +Surface Water Quality Visualization  +
Projects/The RIT arm +The RIT arm - a prothetic arm printed 3D  +
Projects/Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 Shqipëri dhe Kosovë +Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 Shqipëri dhe Kosovë  +
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