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First time Visitor Info

Member Issue for Vote

If there was an issue for vote brought up on the mailing list, the results will be communicated during this topic or there will be an announcement about an upcoming vote...

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

If you are building a project and you need equipment/supplies donated, or you just need to know where you can find/buy them, please contact the member who's leading the meeting in order to add your project name here. During the open meeting this will be communicated to the people present and if lucky enough, there might be someone who can help...

Space Upgrades

Let the meeting lead member know if there have been any space upgrades during the week so that they get added here. Exc: Fixed door, fixed/cleaned 3D printer

Space Downgrades

Regular Meetups

If there are regular meetups at the hackerspace during the week, they will be communicated to people present during this topic. Exc: Tuesday Open Meetings, Java User group meetings, Java class meetings, SFK meetings etc.


Upcoming Workshops and Events

What are the upcoming workshops and events. Present the Calendar or other local events related to technology, hacking etc.

Project Roll Call

Tell us about what you're working on. If you're working on a project that you need people to join, it's time to shout it out. Have them listed here before the meeting...

Member Vote Results

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

Let's clean a little after every meeting so that we avoid the broken window effect.

Meeting Notes

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