How To Be Excellent

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Sometimes we don't know the best way to approach other people and situations. We've compiled some advice here:

Ask before touching another person or entering their personal space. Interpret the absence of a clear “Yes” as a “No” and abide by it.
When community members and guests express a limit to the amount and type of socializing they wish to engage in, abide by that limit.
You are encouraged to express any socializing limits you may have.
When you question whether a joke, question, statement, or other communication would be considered inappropriate, do not proceed to communicate.
When you are asked to stop any harassing behaviour, comply immediately.
Always strive to be excellent to your fellow hackers.

Prishtina Hackerspace strives to promote an open and welcoming culture. We like the fact that we're a public resource for the community. To keep this kind of openness in our community, it takes a little more effort in a social sense to keep things running smoothly. Being part of an open community can be a challenge sometimes. Try to display a little extra politeness, a little extra patience, a little extra cleanliness and a little extra friendliness.

Our primary policy is to "Be Excellent to Each Other." If you're not being excellent to your other members, expect to get called out for it. If you don't know whether or not something you're doing is excellent, odds are, it isn't. We are a community of people and we need to remember that we share our space with each other. A quick and simple way to stay within our community guidelines is to ask yourself if you're being excellent to everyone else.

You should also check our harassment policy and General Community Guidelines here:

Because we rent a space inside of a larger building we must be mindful of our neighbours. During normal business hours and especially after business hours we need to be careful about noise and careful about fumes/odors. If a neighbour complains about either of these issues the activity causing the complaint must be ceased immediately.