Equipment/KAWH SMD Rework Station

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  • Equipment name: KAWH SMD Rework Station
  • Make/Model: 852D
  • Category: Electronics
  • Serial Number:
  • Owner/Loaner: Blerton Abazi - Mediafleta
  • Arrival Date: 2014/10/08
  • Usability: Working
  • Contact:
  • Where:


1 KAWH SMD Rework Station from Blerton Abazi

User Manual

Safety guidelines

Facts about "Equipment/KAWH SMD Rework Station"RDF feed
Arrived2014/10/08 +
Description1 KAWH SMD Rework Station from Blerton Abazi +
DoesitworkWorking +
Eq-categoryElectronics +
Equipment-nameKAWH SMD Rework Station +
Model852D +