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This class is organized as part of Prishtina Hackerspace Fundraising Classes.


Java Enterprise Edition

The purpose of this class is to bridge the gap between college graduates and the requirements for entry level jobs available in the Java Enterprise realm.

The class will assume participants have basic knowledge of the Java language and Object Oriented Programming and an elementary understanding of how databases and web services applications work.

Participants will expect to learn about overall Java Enterprise web application architecture and how to assemble a web service application using various Java frameworks and tools.

This class will have limited number of participants.

Please register here:
Registration closes on November 26th at midnight.

Please write to us at in case you have any questions.

Class details


Modest Syla graduated as a software engineer from the University of Florida in 2005 and has since been working professionally in various companies using various languages and technologies. He has focused primarily in the Java realm for the past 8 years, where he has had the opportunity to work with both spring and javaee frameworks to create systems and web applications in support of employer’s and client’s business needs.


  • Git
  • Maven ( package dependency)
  • SQL
  • Application architecture
  • CDI
  • DAO
    • Light overview
    • Jdbc
    • Jpa
    • noSql
    • Spring Data
  • Services
    • Separation of concern
  • Web
    • RESTful
  • Other
    • Profiler
    • Logging
    • Exception
    • Validation
    • Documentation
    • Integration Testing
    • Mock Testing
    • Flyway
    • Dozer

Requirements/Skill level

  • Knowledge of Java
    • Basic syntax
    • OOP principals
  • Laptop
    • Latest Java installed
    • Favorit IDE installed (intelliJ, netbeans)

Class size

Limited. 10 participants max.


Lectures: 15

Length: 30 h


Monday: 7PM-9PM

Wednesday: 7PM-9PM

Thursday: 7PM-9PM

Start date

Tentative date is set for: 28 November 2016

Class price

Regular price: 150.00EUR

Price for Prishtina Hackerspace members: 100.00 EUR


Please note that the payment for this class should not be considered as payment for service but rather a donation to Prishtina Hackerspace.( More details)

Payment can be made both in cash or via a bank transfer (details will be provided during the class)

Payments can be made in the two following ways:

  • Full payment: 1st week of the class
  • Half-half: 1st, and 3rd week of the class

Class material

Class material will ba available here for participants later on during the class.