The Hackerspace Manifesto

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Hackers create. We build unique devices to interact with our environment. We write code to do new and interesting things. We learn about systems, and we help make them better. We educate those willing to learn. We view the human pursuit of knowledge as inherently good.

We believe that to further our ideals, we must reach beyond the electronic communication medium and establish a physical presence. Personal interaction and collaboration are valuable opportunities. To realize our full potential within the physical world, we require physical space. With this space we contribute to both the hacker community and our local communities.

Our space is governed by a respect for individual sovereignty. We value both the intellect and property of each individual. We encourage individuals to pursue the constructive outlets of their choosing, as long as those outlets do not restrict those of another.

As a collective, we guard our reputation. We consider each individual responsible for maintaining our values when dealing with the public on our behalf. We consider constructive communication and action our method for demonstrating our ideals; we consider belligerence and destruction to be their antithesis.

We, The Hackers, in order to forge a union of creativity, curiosity, and individual expression through technology, establish this as our Manifesto.