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Prishtina Hackerspace is not your home, it is your hackspace

There are a lot of reasons that living at Prishtina Hackerspace or sleeping overnight is not excellent. That means you should just not do it. Prishtina Hackerspace is a place for hacking on creative uses of technology, materials, and/or consumables; not somewhere to live or crash out at.

If you are sleeping at Prishtina Hackerspace, anyone else present in the space has the complete right to ask you to wake up and hack or else request that you leave. As a community, we agree that it is not acceptable to argue, to be rude, or to go back to sleep after someone has asked that you either wake up and hack or else leave. If you fail to wake up and hack or leave when asked, you should expect to have your behavior discussed at a Meeting, and you could subject yourself to becoming permanently banned from the space.