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Prishtina Hackerspace Project
Start Date:May 2015
End Date:
Project leader:re: Public, FLOSSK,
Fondacioni Jeshil,
Angelo Vermeulen

BIOMODD [PRN7] is a social and interactive art project connecting ecology and contemporary game culture. The main idea is to learn about permaculture and hot apply its concepts to build a customized ecological computer system as an expanded form of a bio installation (sculpture), thus bringing together various creative constellations of living organisms and technology in a symbiotic relationship. It tries to visualize and rework the intricate relation of the organic life, consumption and technology.

Note: The project was complete but dismounted due to not being maintained and using a lot of space...

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ProjectImageBiomod-logo.jpg +
ProjectLeaderre: Public, FLOSSK,
Fondacioni Jeshil,
Angelo Vermeulen +
ProjectTitleBIOMODD [PRN<sup>7</sup>] +
StartDateMay 2015 +