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Add your project in this list
If you have an idea for a project, or you are currently working on a project, please feel free to add your project and it's description in our wiki by using the following form FORM.

This is a list of all Project pages in the Wiki, including past projects of our members, projects currently being worked on, and ideas for future projects. Projects use Project template

Active Projects

Page linkProject NameStart DateProject Leader
Skeneri i librave bonevet01.10.2015Bresta
Mostly Printed CNC MachineDec 2016 Altin
Machine Shop2017Bresta, Altin, Salim
Natural Language Processing2016 Ngadhnjimberani
Operation "Experimental Brewery"February 2017Lis Luci
Kesulkuqja 347Jan 2017Lis Luci, Valon Kotorri
Përzirësi MagnetikJan 2017Lis Luci
The RIT arm - a prothetic arm printed 3D2016Arion

Complete Projects

Page linkProject NameStart DateProject Leader
BIOMODD [PRN7]May 2015re: Public, FLOSSK,
Fondacioni Jeshil,
Angelo Vermeulen
HACCSY – Hackerspace Access Control and Check in SystemDecember 2015 Altin
HackerBarMay 2016Bleron, Fredo, Altin
Software Freedom Kosova 2014 Conference1 August 2014Arianit
Surface Water Quality Visualization18 Shtator 2014Besfort Guri, Georges Labrèche
Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 Shqipëri dhe Kosovë15 September 2014Arianit

Inactive Project

Planned Projects

Page linkProject NameStart DateProject Leader
GNU/Linux Installfest20 NovemberArianit