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First time Visitor Info

Member Issue for Vote

  • Change "Tuesday Open Meetups" to "Monday Open Meetups" starting from 6:00PM
  • Decide on when to start the Membership plan

Equipment and Supplies Wanted


Space Upgrades

  • 5 PCs from the US Embassy
  • Mediafleta...
  • Checkin system for members

Space Downgrades

  • A broken chair
  • Paper towels
  • Sugar and Coffee

Regular Meetups

  • SFK14 Meeting (6:30PM) - Next week
  • Tyesday Open Meetup (06:00PM)
  • SFK14 Meeting (06:00PM)
  • Software Freedom Kosova (The hackerspace will be closed)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • JAVA Course - Satyrday & Sunday (12:00PM) - This weekend
  • Software Freedom Kosova (24-26 October 2014)

Project Roll Call

Wiki Loves Monuments eshte duke ndodhur deri me 15 Tetor eshte gara e hapur. Open Data Kosovo iniciativa edhe Get Involved in Open Data. WMKIT projekti i bazuar ne Arduino Mikrokontrollerin.

Member Vote Results

2 sene me u diskutu - Ndryshimi ne orarin e mbajtjes se Open Meetings, Vendoset qe Open Meetings me qene te haneve. Eshte vendosur qe te mbahen takimi te hanen ne menyre unanime. Eshte setup struktura e membership, ideja eshte qe me fillu membership. Jane dhene informatat e antareve te ri ne lidhje me membership.

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

Meeting Notes

  • Meeting lead by: Altin Ukshini
  • Attendance: 14
  • Meeting Start: 2014/10/14 06:10:00 PM
  • Meeting Stop: 2014/10/14 07:00:00 PM
  • Tour Guide: Gent Thaci
  • Notes Taken by: User:Besfort
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Attendance14 +
MeetingleadAltin Ukshini +
Meetingstart2014/10/14 06:10:00 PM +
Meetingstop2014/10/14 07:00:00 PM +
NotestakenbyUser:Besfort +