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  • Equipment name: Novation Launchpad S
  • Make/Model: NOVLPD02
  • Category: Audio/Video
  • Serial Number: LQ74060052154
  • Owner/Loaner: User:Tlevine
  • Arrival Date: 2017/01/26
  • Usability: Working
  • Contact: User:Tlevine
  • Where: Area 51


User Manual

Safety guidelines

This is property of User:Tlevine, but other members are allowed to use it. Thomas will remove it from the space periodically for his own use.

Facts about "Equipment/Novation Launchpad"RDF feed
Arrived2017/01/26 +
DoesitworkWorking +
Eq-categoryAudio/Video +
Equipment-nameNovation Launchpad S +
ModelNOVLPD02 +