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! Via our Kosovo bank account
! Via our Kosovo bank account (preferred)
| style="background-color:white;padding:5px;"| Details as follows:<br>
| style="background-color:white;padding:5px;"| Details as follows:<br>

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Prishtina Hackerspace is a relatively new hackerspace based in Kosovo (a developing country) and as such we still struggle with funds and self-sustainability. Our space was made possible by people like you when we kickstarted it, therefore we are gratefully thankful to all project supporters!

For any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us at: info [AT] prishtinahackerspace [DOT] org

Via our Kosovo bank account (preferred)
Details as follows:

Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova
Bank: Procredit Bank
Place: Prishtine
Account No: 1110-309975-0101-02
IBAN: XK05 (use)

Via PayPal
E-mail: paypal@flossk.org

Disclaimer: Because we are based in Kosovo, we are not able to have our own paypal account registered with Kosovo banks, therefore we are using "Introspector Software Services" - one of FLOSSK's board members account in the USA.

In Person / Fundraising Event
You can contribute (in person) at our next fundraising event, please follow our blog and facebook page for the next scheduled fundraising event. Or make your contribution in person directly at Prishtina Hackerspace - Communications

Would you like to donate equipment ?

There are different ways of making a donation to a hackerspace, and that is not only money. You can donate tools, electronics and even furniture. Learn how and what equipment you can donate to Prishtina HackerSpace.