Culture of cleanliness

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Here are things to do when cleaning up Prishtina Hackerspace when it gets particularly messy or when preparing for an open-to-the-public event.

Take out the Trash

There are trash cans in each of the following places. They can be emptied into the dumpster behind the building.

  • Big can in the kitchen
  • Small can in the balcony
  • Small can in the toilet


We haven't set up separate cans for recycling yet!

You can help to support the Kosova Cap Project, by continuing to collect plastic bottle caps.

Space Areas

Areas need to be cleaned & organized. Take of the garbage on the tables or empty any trash cans, clean the tables and the floor if needed.
Please vacuum or seep the floor before moping it in all rooms

  • The lounge room / living room where the couches are.
  • The conference room/working room next to the kitchen.
  • Storage and electronics room.
  • Balcony
  • Toilet


  • Move items off the kitchen table & bar area to their proper locations.
  • Wipe down the kitchen table // counter.
  • Clean the sink, we need some scouring powder for this.
  • Clean out the fridge and wash the dishes if needed.


  • Sweep & mop the floor
  • Wash out the sink
  • Re-fill the hand-soap container.
  • Wash out the toilet.


  • Clear off workbenches of projects and tools.
    • Put tools back in their locations on the shelves.
    • Put projects aside on their locations on the shelves.