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List of classes and workshops organized at Prishtina Hackerspace.

The following classes and workshop have been documented by Prishtina Hackerspace members:

List of classes

Class name Status Start date End date Duration Type Price Discount for members Description
Java enterprise Ongoing 28.11.2016 Jan 1 30h / 15 sessions Paid/Fundraising 150.00 EUR Yes The purpose of this class is to bridge the gap between college graduates and the requirements for entry level jobs available in the Java Enterprise realm.
Klase bazike per saldim New 24.12.2016 26.12.2016 6h / 2 sessions Paid/Fundraising 30.00 EUR Po Ideja e klases asht me ba nji hymje të shpejtë në saldim, tu përfshi aty të gjitha teknikat e saldimit, por me fokus në saldim të hekurit.

List of workshops

Fundraising Classes

Read here about fundraising classes